Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Calvary Iwakuni webpage and design

Check out these logo's... man, the brother who designed them is super gifted... (I'm not telling you who, cuz then my secret designer will be out). Praise God as He continues to bless the Silva Family in Iwakuni. Thank you for your prayers. God opened the door for them to use the house for a church even after they move. Continue to pray, Mike reports they are running out of room for all the folks that God has brought! God is good.

Chihiro shares his testimony

Pictured on the bottom is Chihiro Kinoshita. Chihiro came to us from Calvary Kokubunji (Pastor Chizuo Sakurai in Tokyo), and has been with us this past year. It has been a real blessing for many of us and we will miss him dearly. Chihiro is moving back to Tokyo and will be joining the "Bridges for Peace" Japanese ministry outreach to Israel. Chihiro lived in Israel for 3 years and speaks Hebrew. On Friday night, he shared his testimony at the Awase Baptist Church and Yoko, Yumi, Chihiro and myself enjoyed a time of fellowship afterwards with the body there. Please pray for him and this new venture of faith that God has provided.

Worship Team BBQ

On Saturday, the worship team got together for a family BBQ and devotional meeting. We had a great time of fellowship, even in the rain. :) I am so blessed by the dedication, heart, and service of our worship team folks. God is good.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pray for the Silva Family in Iwakuni

Please pray for Mike Silva and his family. About 9 months ago, God sent them out from CCOki to start a work in Iwakuni. Since then, God has been doing a neat work there as Mike and his family hold bible study service in their home. There might be an opportunity for them to move on base and continue to use their house for services and outreach to the Japanese community. They will start mid-week meetings in June! Pray for that too!
Please pray for wisdom and guidance and God's favor regarding the house. Pictured above is Mike on the train in Tokyo at this past Japan Leaders Conference and below Mike looks like a little kid next to Pastor Bill Stonebreaker (CC Honolulu)!

Wednesday Desserts!

Tonight, after our Wednesday evening service, we had a dessert potluck in our fellowship building (aka "Pre-fabernacle" as some like to call it). Tamiko opted for fruit:) It is always a great time when the body of Christ gets together for fellowship. Truly it was a sweet time.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

CC Okinawa's High School Youth "TC-1"

Every Friday night, CC Okinawa's high school youth group meets for an uplifting time in the Word of God, worship, fellowship and just plain fun! This past Friday, they held a "Faith Factor" night (spoofing Fear Factor). The kids had a blast and so did the youth leaders! Check out their video from Faith Factor night at

Velardes to Italy Rummage Sale!

It was a great day blessed by God! This past Saturday, we held a huge rummage sale for the Velarde Family. We had so much stuff! - everyone at the church was great to donate many, many things. We wanted to bless the Velarde's as they prepare to move to Italy as missionaries. It is exciting to see what God is doing in and through the lives of His people. As we stepped out in faith to have the sale here at church- God showed up BIG TIME! It was suppose to rain with thunder storms- but God reigns! It was a beautiful sunny day with so many folks that came by. We not only got to sell stuff cheap to bless the community but we had opportunity to minister as well. One family even purchased stuff with cucumbers! God is good!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rhythm Unity 2006 Prayer & Planning!

Rhythm Unity 2006 is coming!
Join us as we plan and pray for this wonderful and unique outreach to both Okinawa and American break-dancers.
Pray for Tim as he heads up the planning again this year.
We're planning to return to Okinawa Civic Hall and share the love of Jesus Christ with all!
Mark your calendars! July 15th, Saturday - 3pm to 9pm.
This year's theme, "One Love"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pray for Mr. D & Mrs. D & Baby D!

Please pray for Aaron and his wife, Kaori. Kaori is in the hospital due to some pregnancy complications. The baby is doing well. Please pray for this wonderful growing family.
This is from their stateside reception in Hawaii.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Calvary Chapel Japan Pastor- Leaders Conference

We were blessed to be able to join with various Calvary Chapel pastors and missionaries on mainland Japan this past week. A small group of us traveled up for the 2 day conference. Yumi & Tamiko are pictured practicing for worship with Travis (CC Tokorozawa) and Jeremiah (CC Modesto missionary). Jason Stead from La Habra gave a great word! (top picture) Please continue to pray for the people of Japan, the work of God and for us here in Okinawa!

Thursday morning Women's study

Every Thursday morning at 9am, the ladies gather for a great time of prayer, bible study and fun fellowship! This past Thursday, after study, a group of gals blessed Melissa with a baby shower. Please pray for Melissa and Ricardo!

Kristy's out of the hospital!

Thank you for your prayers! Kristy came home last Saturday and we were all so happy. God has blessed us with a great mom and wife! Thank you everyone for praying for her!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Okinawa Franklin Graham Festival

Franklin Graham is coming to Okinawa in November 2006. In preparation for this wonderful, evangelistic event, a group of pastors and military chaplains are helping to get things organized. Please pray for us. We have been asked to head up the Youth Committee to help mobilize the International Youth of Okinawa! We covet your prayers!

Saturday Morning Men's Study

Every Saturday morning, the men gather for prayer and for bible study here at church. Glenn does a great job leading the study and challenging the men through the Book of Judges. This past week, he led worship for the first time! It was a great time of worship, fellowship and the Word! Continue to pray for Glenn and his family!