Friday, June 15, 2007

The Orpilla's Farewell Fellowship

Three Wednesday's ago, we said "sayonara" to the Orpilla Family. This year, we have had to say "see you later" to nearly 15 families. It's never easy. We come to love, respect and sincerely cherish our relationships with them but God sends them off like missionaries launching out of the church.
We will miss you guys big time. Thank you Niel, Vanessa, Gen, JP and Grace for all your love and ministry to the CCO family. God has used you greatly and we know that many more great adventures await you all.
Here's the Langley's with the Orpilla's... the Langley's will be leaving us shortly as well. Another incredible family God is launching out.
One of the very unique ministries that Vanessa had with us is that she would help to do "sign language" interpretation for the hearing impaired. Our dear sister in Christ, Seiko was one of the gals so blessed by Vanessa. The coolest part is that Vanessa learned some Japanese sign language to communicate with Seiko! God is so good! But Please pray, we need another sign language interpretor!
Sarah Ikeuchi was back in town too! She is in her final year as a Pre-Med student! Please pray for Sarah, she will be going on severa missions trips this summer with her school.
Steve made it back too! It was great to see him. Steve will be around for a few weeks and then heads off to Afghanistan. Please pray for the Gaines family.