Wednesday, November 22, 2006

God brings us past the Red Line

Here's Tim showing us his plane.
As a kid growing up on Kadena, we would dare each other to try to run out on to the flight line and touch one of these planes. Now years later, God opened the door and escorted us right through.
I thought this was a cool picture of the guys in the hanger bay.

We were blessed by some of the guys from church. Pictured here are F-15 pilots, Matt, Tim, and Kevin. They gave us a tour of the F-15 hanger and flight line.

God totally blessed us through Matt, Kevin and Tim. These are guys are officers in the Air Force and F-15 Fighter Pilots. But what makes these guys even cooler than that is they totally love the Lord and have humble servant hearts. At church, they're our parking ushers!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More Skate Outreach pix!

Here are some more pics from the Skate Outreach "Soul 2 Skate". Hey! Who is that tall guy there? Why it's no other than Voonder! The whole day was great! God blessed the weather and all kinds of kids came out. Special thanks to the Bible College crew, Ginowan crew, Okinawa City and La Habra teams!

Soul 2 Skate Outreach

Tsunami Jr. High Youth were out to show their support of this outreach!

check out the sweet flyer that was made! Someone's got flyer making skills...

As part of the Okinawa Franklin Graham Festival Committee, we are blessed to be heading up the International Youth for the entire island. The team from La Habra were such a key in this event- they brought TONS of cool give-aways from their skate shop "SHINE". Pictured here is Jon Holmes preaching the Word!

Surprise! Sunrise breakfast

The team blessed us this morning by making breakfast. The guys are staying at the church - God has graciously provided us a kitchen and shower for missionaries to use- so come on down! When we got to church, the day was warm and sunny, they had breakfast all made for us and Jon was just smiling like Jon does best. It was a great day. Thank you guys.

The Good Eats

Of course, we wouldn't be faithful to Calvary standards, if we didn't go and chow down at some of our favorite places. The first night the team came, we took them to the Foster food court- it was late, it was right after the Power Rally, so it's what we settled for.... but look at Josh! He ate a whole pizza by himself! Of course for George and Monique it was a blessing since they've been in mainland Japan with no American food for the past year! Our favorite is the All-You-Can-Eat Yakiniku places- up top is one in Nago called Gyan Jyu Tei - Kenny Lopez rocked the chopsticks!

A Cut Above the Rest

Josh Kreis and Mitch Stewart help buzz Glenn's head for CKC night. Josh and Mitch were part of a short term missions team from CC La Habra!

Candance, also from CC La Habra, says, "here let me help this art work".

No one would ever accuse Glenn of not getting into Kid's ministry with all his head! On Wednesday nights, the kids gather for a great time of bible lessons and memory verses and fun! Tonight was "Crazy Hair-do Night". Here's a sampling of the crazy do's!

Franklin Graham Power Rally

In preparation for the Franklin Graham Festival, the International Committee hosted a "Power Rally" to encourage the churches to pray and finish strong in all our prep for the Festival. It was a great night as so many different churches came together for worship and praise. Way up front is the Calvary La Habra crew, it was their first day here! :) The Tiger is part of the Kids' Festival scheduled for Saturday. We are excited to see what the Lord is going to do! Please join us in prayer for Okinawa and that many will come to a saving knowledge of Christ!

George Austin shares with us

We were blessed by George Austin on Wednesday night. George and Josie are heading up the Calvary Chapel School of Ministry in Tokyo. They are sent out of Calvary Chapel La Habra, CA. George was down for a few days along with a team from CC La Habra. Please pray for George and the Austin family as they serve the Lord and the Japanese in mainland Japan.

The Birthday Bash

After Wednesday night service, we had a chance to fellowship and celebrate some birthdays. Katie Johnson and I share the same birthday! Oct. 25th (missing was Berch Abbot and Zach Mize who also share our b-day!) Kristy's birthday is the 27th, so we got to share the cake too! The Bible college crew are such a blessing- they serve every Sunday and Wednesday with us! Notice Keegan's cool hair-do! And Glenn's too... more to follow.