Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Wonderful Reedy Family

Hey everyone! Remember the Reedy's? It was such a blessing to be able to swing by and fellowship with them for a bit. They live really close to the bible college. The kids are getting so big and they are as cute as ever. Ralph & Debbie send their love to you all. They were such a wonderful blessing in our lives and ministry here in the "early days" and will always be "family" to us!

A few more pics of the guys

Pictured on top are pastors, Tom Hallman (CC Williamsburg), Mike Ramsey (CC IloIlo), who is coming to visit Okinawa this week, and Francis Kamahele (Horizon Christian Fellowship Honolulu).
Pictured below are pastors, Steve Fukawa (CC Guam), Alvin Alcantara (CC Whittier) and yours truly. It was a blast to hang with these guys whom I respect and love so much.

Godly brothers from Africa

At the conference, I got the honor to hang out with these two awesome men of God that serve the Lord in Africa. The one closest is Francis. He is a pastor in Rwanda. The other guy is Jean Pierre. He is a pastor in Burundi. They are so full of the joy of the Lord. It was such a tremendous blessing for me to hang with them and the other pastors from Japan. Please pray for these guys!

Great fellowship with the brethren

For one of the lunches at the conference, we were treated to an outdoor BBQ. It was a great time of fellowship with the guys. Notice in the center picture, Dion (pastor-CCHaggerman Valley) accidently dropped part of his potato salad- poor guy.

Cold Stone Trip

Of course! When we were in California, we made a late-night stop to Cold Stone Creamery. Santo (pastor, Calvary Chapel West Tokyo) is enjoying his very first Cold Stone! They say he looks like Jackie Chan! He is telling Mike Stangel (pictured below - pastor, North Shore Christian Fellowship, Hawaii) what toppings to get. And Dan (CCNaha) and Chizuo (pastor- CC Kokubunji, Tokyo) are eagerly waiting for theirs. We need a Cold Stone in Okinawa!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pastor Conference friends

These are a few of the guys that I roomed with. Pictured above is Charlie Owens. He is a Navy Chaplain stationed on Okinawa with us. He was sent out of Horizon. He is one of a handful of Calvary Chapel sponsored military chaplains- "Charlie the Chaplain" :)
Pictured below are two good brothers. Dion is the pastor of CC Haggerman Valley, ID (in black) and Jerry is the pastor of CC Livingwater in Corona, CA. They are sporting the standard issue "Calvary goatee".

Calvary Chapel Pastor's Conference in Murrieta

It was blue skies and California sunshine at the recent Calvary Pastor's conference held at the very beautiful Bible College and Conference Center in Murrieta, CA. While Okinawa experienced 25 days of straight rain, we were suffering for the Lord here. These are pictures from the first day of the conference on our way up to study.