Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ms. Felo is getting hitched!

Christianne, our very good friend and supported missionary is engaged! This is her fiance' Grant. He is also a missionary in the same region. They plan to tie the knot in June! God bless you Christianne! We miss you much and are very excited for you. Please pray for them as they continue to serve the Lord and share the Gospel in a very hostile location.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday... after church

Worship services today were a blessing. The fun didn't stop after services either -we had our monthly ministry lead meeting and the Sunset School Music school held a recital here. It was a busy day but a great day in the Lord.

Here are the two of the four horsemen. The boys give a "shout out" to their hommie Micah in Italy and to Jonah, who was home sick today. Peace out.
One of our dear sisters at church, Mimi Ueta runs the Sunset Music School with her family. We have been blessed to offer them to use the church for their music recital over the past few years. Many of our church members have kids in their wonderful school.
Sandra... I know this is torture. Mimi's family rocked the lumpia- there was 2 pans just like this! I think I want to come to the music school just for the eats! Look at this feast!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Men's Conference "Ready 2 Serve"

Today, the guys got together for an all day Men's Conference. It was such a blessing to see all the guys that sacrificed their Saturday to come out and get encouraged in the Lord in serving Jesus and living lives sold out for Him!
We were blessed by fellowship times to eat breakfast and lunch together. God has developed a strong men's ministry here led by Glenn. We are thankful for our brothers and all that God has done & is doing in their lives.
You know the saying, "I would take this guy into battle with me"? Even if this group didn't represent Marines, Air Force, Army and Navy... I would say that. But even more, especially since considering what some of these brothers do in the military - I would take you into battle with me for sure!

TC-1e (Totally Committed Ones Extra)

the high school youth group is alive and well. Tonight the students got together for our new edition of hs youth - TC-1e. Recently we moved our main meeting session to Sunday mornings @ 10:30am here in the Fellowship trailer. TC-1 meets every Sunday and occasional Friday nights for a fun fellowship nite. Please pray for Steve & Tiffany Gaines as they take the lead for our wonderful H.S. students We were blessed by Mr. Justin aka "Just-jokin'", who challenged us in the Great Commission of making disciples. Mr. Justin is a great teacher who teaches our weekly "Foundations Class".
Gen had us do some crazy games. This one the group all chewed a pack of gum and then had to make a sculpture together with their gum. We all "stuck" together on this one. Here our group proudly displays the winning art work - it's a butterfly!
The runners-up... good effort gang :) They made a face with theirs... is that suppose to be Damian? Whoa- it looks like him.
Yasuromo... Stomer... Juan Y.... whatever you call him, this kid loves to worship and God has blessed us with his heart for Jesus. Yasutomo led worship tonight and it was awesome.

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Snells' new baby!!!

Meet Isaac Snell. Our very beloved Jeff & Karla adopted their beautiful gift of God on Dec. 11th.
We couldn't be more happy for them and rejoice in their blessing.

Here's Karla with her baby boy. Jeff & Karla flew to China to pick up their angel.
This is the day that they got to take Isaac home. We know that you guys are going to make the best parents. Well, we already know that Karla's like one of the world's best cooks, so... watch out Isaac for those cakes! :)

Jeff & Karla were a very special part of our church and remain our extended family - what a blessing God has given to all of us! I know that they would be the first to tell you that it was not an easy road but the faithfulness and timing of God is perfect - the proof is Isaac.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Winter Luau

On Sunday, we had our Winter Luau and as God has done sooo many times before... He held back the rain for us. Actually, it was raining during both services and as soon as 2nd service let out- no rain! It was awesome! Even the neighbors commented on the goodness of our God! Praise be to the Lord of heaven and earth!!
Here's Takako (our awesome Yaki-Soba chef), and her daughter Mariko and Valerie- note, Valerie showed up in her Aloha wear for our Winter Luau- good job Valerie!
Here's Yoko, Megumi and Shinobu. They just want me to take the picture. I interrupted their conversation. Sorry girls.
Look, there's Farah! She didn't wear the Aloha wear- so she was busted by the Aloha wear police- but she was let go on account that she brought some yummy food.
It was a great time to meet new friends and catch up with old. All in all, the Lord blessed the day tremendously and never ceases to amaze us - Yes, God loves Calvary Okinawa BBQ's.

Homeless Outreach 3

We took to the streets again, this time on Saturday night, to outreach with the love of Christ to the homeless of Okinawa City. A group gathers at the church @ 3pm to prepare the meals and then we head out to different parks at 5pm, praying that we can make an impact for Christ to those less fortunate than others. It was raining all week, yet God held back the rain tonight - it was a blessed evening. Tyler Langley made some new friends too.
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Men's Breakfast

For the nearly 6 years, we have met every 2nd Saturday of the month for Men's Breakfast. God has been so faithful in bringing out just solid, Godly, fun-filled brothers. Last breakfast, we were blessed by a devotion from Todd Ferry. Todd serves as a pilot in the Marine Corps and is a great brother in Christ. Please pray for him and his family. Todd is going on deployment for a season. Pictured with Todd is "Samuel". Samuel is a Warrant Officer in the Japanese Defense Force. He is a Christian and God has given much favor in the JDF. Please pray for him as well as he serves the Lord in the nation of Japan.
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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Harvest Christian Fellowship Sunday night

On Sunday night, New Years' Eve, we headed over to Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside. They were having a car show in the parking lot. Matt really liked the Pink Bug.
Here's Matt in front. He was hoping to see Greg Laurie.
That night, Tree Sixty-Three played for worship along with the Day 7 Band. It was rockin'. It was a packed house. The spirit of God really moved that night as many, many came forward to give their lives to Christ. In-cred-ible!

Lunch @ La Habra

Please pray for the Stead family. Jason has been the Missions pastor at La Habra forever and God has now called them to Uganda, Africa. They will be leaving in June 07. Pray for Jason, Tara, Emma, Benjamin, and Analiese.
It was great to have the Silva's and Jessica V. with us. The fellowship with the La Habra crew as awesome.
Pastor Lance and Pastor Chizuo's daughters are best buds. It was amazing to hear Lance's girls speaking Japanese so fluently.
This is Bob Dominguez. He serves as the Spanish pastor. Bob has become a good friend over the years. He has come to Japan on several visits.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We visit Calvary Chapel La Habra

The first Sunday in California we were invited by Pastor Lance Cook of Calvary Chapel La Habra to come by. CC La Habra has been a tremendous supporter of the work here and over the years, we have forged some wonderful relationships. Lance is the Calvary overseeing pastor for Japan. We are thankful to the Lord for his love and support. Since the very first year we came, they have sent a team every year.
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Matt's first Alberto's

Of course we had to visit "Alberto's" when we were in Cali.
This is Matt Andersen's first Alberto's burrito.
Right off the plane and he wasted no time.
His only wish was his wife, Jessica could enjoy one with him.

We were blessed to hang out with Richard Bueno.
Richard was our very first missionary with us 6 years ago.
God has been doing great things in his life.
Please pray for Richard as he leads the youth group at Livingwater.

Love you Richard!

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Jessica V. @ Starbucks in Cali

While in California, we met up with Jessica Valadez at Starbucks. She is alive and well. God has brought her back to California from Mexico for this season. It was great to see Jessica and catch up. The kids posed for some fun pictures while we were there.
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The New Horsemen

Here's a picture of Ben Barnett and Luke Gaines. They are the new "horsemen" waiting for the new recruits. How cute are they? Look Ben's head's twice as big as Luke's... what do they feed that kid?
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Girls @ Mihama for coffee = trouble

So, after the Send Off party, the girls went out for some coffee and other fun fellowship. Nice do, Sandra. It's her new Italian look.