Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Steve Gaines: Missionary with an assault rifle

Please pray for Steve and his family. Steve is still deployed in Afghanistan. He sent this picture of his crew and to show us the snow there. He has several more weeks until he returns to Oki. Steve and his family have a heart for missions and desire to return to Okinawa to minister along with us. We are excited about the future. We got to skype with him for a bit the other day. He's all buff boy now and even though, he never smiles for pictures, he was in great spirits. We miss you Steve and are praying for you! See you soon.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Noah turns 9!!! Yikes

It is one of those weird realities that sneaks up on you. You have a kid... kids... and your first-born is now nine. Nine. It is hard to believe. Just as all those before me warned me and told me- the time will fly. It has. If God should lead him to depart at 18 or his mom gives him the boot, we are at the half-way mark- that is weird. We are grateful for the joy that God blessed us with nine years ago.

Oh yes, McDonald's McFlurry was on the top of the "what would you like for your birthday?" list. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I know. BTW. They didn't have "Strawberry Shortcake" but "Double Chocolate" was just as nice.
That classic cheesy grin.

"Ja Mata" to the Petersen's

Last Sunday, we said "See you later" to Justin and Mary Petersen. They are leaving to Texas for 3 years and are praying about what God would have for them after. God has given them a heart for missions and has been stirring their hearts for the country of Turkey. Please pray for this wonderful couple. We miss them much but are excited for them in this new season.
There are many things we will miss about them.... Justin's quick, dry wit... his corny jokes... Mary's punchy-ness (Justin says she has a fire in her belly).... his intellectual, yet easy to understand teaching of the Foundations Class.... Middle Eastern food... Shadow.... Mary's cool tatoo... and all the fun we had about Star Trek.
Justin sent these pix when the arrived in Minnesota to visit family before heading to Texas.
The way is paved for Turkey. :)