Friday, July 21, 2006

Torres Family in Hawaii

Last week, Larry Torres and family moved from Okinawa and are being stationed at Cherry Point, NC. They are making several stops along the way. Larry sent me this picture of his boys (Raphiel, Brandon and Anthony... actually one more is missing, Noah) eating world famous Matsumoto Shaved Ice. Our good friend, Travis Takamiya taught me when you eat something yummy - you can say "it broke da mout'" (Hawaiin pigeon for 'tastes good').
It "broke da mout'" eh boys? PS... love those shirts!

Some more Rhythm Unity Pix

Yasutomo Miyagi did a great job sharing his testimony and the good news of Jesus Christ!
Tim Newell had everyone wear orange... you can see who the rebels are :)
But everyone wanted know Tim... you weren't wearing orange either!
The lovely couple below is Mike & Cindy Langley... their family is such a huge blessing to all of us - you lovebirds rock!

Rhythm Unity 06

Last Saturday, we had our 6th Rhythm Unity Breakdance outreach and it was awesome!
Thank you to everyone who prayed, supported, donated and came out to help!
Everyone did a great job - we were able to share the "One Love" of Jesus Christ and the hope that only He provides. Many Okinawan youth came out as well as Americans and heard the gospel message.
Caleb Freeman and Tyler Langley are getting ready for next year!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mike Silva visits!

Mike's so excited for the dessert potluck! It was great to see our brother, Mike Silva who almost one year ago was sent out to start a work in Iwakuni. Since then, God has done a neat work there and the bible study has grown into a church, which currently meets in their home. Mike shared that God has been faithful and he thanks everyone for their prayers. Please continue to pray for the Silva family. With Mike is our good brother in Christ, Joe. Joe's a Marine, can you tell?
He's a great Sunday school teacher, loves the Lord with all his heart. You can't help to get on fire hanging with Joe. He'll set you on fire. No more PT for Mike.

Dessert Potluck

On Wednesday night, we had a dessert potluck in honor of Mike Silva! I have to admit, God has blessed our body with some incredible cooks! Lisa Freeman made Snickerdoodles. She's my favorite person right now. :) It was Regina's recipe since Regina's deployed! Come back soon Regina!
Yumi, Lisa & Caryn opted for an Okinawan soba dish called "so-men". It is served chilled and a great light snack for the summer.
Pictured on the bottom are some of the Jr. high crew. We started a Wednesday night Jr. High study since so many of the kids were coming out! Hey Kelli, that's not your baby!

Recent baptisms

We have been blessed over the years to participate in the special time in a Christian's life as they are baptized. More and more, we get to see God's kids come forward, accepting Jesus and making a public stand for Him. What a joy! Recently, we were blessed to baptize the entire Loquist family before they headed out to Virginia. Please remember them in your prayers.
Pictured on the bottom with me is Tom Bajus and his son, CJ.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Noah's school - Exercise day!

Last Saturday, I got to go with Noah to his school. Noah is in the 2nd grade and attends a Japanese elementary school. We are blessed that another family from church, the Pubol's daughter, Erika also attends (pictured above- Erika doesn't like exercise day like me).
The school had the kids and parents do various exercises like Jazzercise. I thought I was going to die! It was so hot but we made it. God has blessed us with Noah, he is learning so much Japanese now. He gets to translate for Kristy often.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

TC-1 Emergency

So, we're in Typhoon Condition 1 Emergency now. The storm's not too bad. There's rain and wind as expected and an occasional gust but nothing major. The bummer is we missed church services but it didn't stop us from worship and the Word. The family got together and worshipped and learned about Paul's shipwreck on Malta- because of a similar style storm (Acts 27-28). We learned that even when others might be mean to us, we can still serve them and God can protect us in stormy times. It is always an interesting but fun time teaching the kids the bible. God bless our Sunday school teachers.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Our first typhoon of 2006 (maybe)

Here it is. Typhoon Ewiniar. Today we are in Typhoon Condition 3. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center shows the storm coming right up at us. It is a category 4 storm. It was down-graded from a "Super Typhoon". For the Oki alumni family, you miss those "typhoon parties" huh? Big bag of chips, cokes and a few board games... and if you were lucky, the power stayed on long enough to watch some movies too.
I think everyone's excited for the first typhoon. It's suppose to hit us Saturday or Sunday- bummer! I hate missing church. So I also found out that "Ewiniar" is a Micronesian name for a "storm god". But we know that our God Jehovah Reigns! I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Nursery Make-over

Jodi, Caryn, Vanessa and Caryn's son, Gabriel are working hard in adding a little color to our nursery. Please pray for us! At one time we had 17 ladies expecting! 10 of them have had their babies this year already! We praise God for our very "fruitful" church family and as expected our nursery ministry is in need of loving help! Congrats to the Ferry's, Armstrong's, Herrera's, Walton's, Dormer's, French's, Schmidt's, Campbell's, Morales', and Fuller's!

Glenn & Matt

Glenn left today with his son Caleb to meet up with Farah and the other boys for vacation in California. Please pray for them for a great time of relaxation and refreshment. The Phipps family has been such a huge blessing to all of us here at CCO.
Pictured with Glenn is Matt Andersen. Matt and Jessica are expecting their first baby this year! Of course, I gave them a great name to consider... "Richard". Matt likes "Magic Irvin".
Pray for Matt & Jess and their growing family- we are blessed by their ministry here with us!
(Since Glenn loves pink, I used this font color)

CCO Leadership family (sisters)

Here are some of the ladies that help lead in ministry (a few were camera shy or off-island). God has brought us a great group of gals that love Jesus and are incredible servants! We are so blessed by them. Please pray for them. One of the challenges for us here is that many of our servants are in the military or connected to it and due to change of duty station, they have to leave us after only a few years. We will be loosing nearly 20 military families this year due to pcs season (perm. change of station). It is hard to say "good-bye" but we know that it's not really a permanent "sayonara" because we will see each other in heaven soon!

4 Year Anniversary Luncheon

On July 2nd, we celebrated our 4 Year Anniversary as Calvary Chapel Okinawa!
God has been so good and faithful to us over these past few years. The church got together after service for a time of fun fellowship and food! (Calorie Chapel). We have been so blessed by God.
The Lord gave me Joshua 3:5 as His promise when I first came to Okinawa and He has been faithful to that promise. The Lord reconfirmed that promise for us today- "Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you."
We are so thankful for all the wonderful people that God has brought over the years and looking forward to the next season of ministry as God leads us "that we may know the way which to go".
Thank you all for your love and support- God is faithful to answer your prayers and we are so grateful to you all.