Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday Night Fellowship

Every Wednesday we gather together for a dinner fellowship (potluck style) before our bible study and prayer time. It is always a great time together in the Lord. This past Wednesday was Allison's last Wednesday with us, so we got her a cake. It's not a permanent good-bye but a "see you later".
Everyone brings a dish to share and there's always plenty of food. The fellowship time is awesome just hanging out and breaking bread together like the early church. That's Laura in the picture by the way- trip out on this! She and Kristy were in high school together at Corona High School! Laura's family is in the military and God brought them here. They have been plugged in Calvary Chapel for many years. We are so blessed God brought their family. Now I can get the real scoop on Kristy's high school days.
Look! Another wonderful gal has come from CC Montebello to serve the Lord with us here in Okinawa. We are so blessed to have Johanna back. She is teaching at Okinawa Christian School this year. Please pray for her first year there.
Ricardo was teaching Jason about the Marines. Jason, who is an Army Soldier said he is Army Strong. Ricardo said that ARMY stands for Ain't Ready to be a Marine Yet. Just kidding. They were just talking.

Ah ha. Here is the happy engaged couple. It was great having Derek down for a few days. He is always such an encouragement the guys here. Please pray for Derek, he returned to Taipei to continue the work for the Franklin Graham Festivals and Allison returned to L.A. to prepare for the upcoming wedding and return to work at CC Montebello.
here is Allison's blog by the way. She is very gifted in many arts!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Our Fellowship Hall gets a face lift!

We have been so blessed by all the new space God has given us. Our first floor houses our Fellowship Hall area where we gather to hang out, for bible study, for our Wednesday Night Potluck dinners, and all kinds of things. It is such a cool space but we just made it more lively with some splashes of color.
I couldn't get ahold of Paula J. fast enough or send pics to Mandy or Debbie- those that have professional interior design back-grounds but we just picked some fun colors and went for it.
Glenn said the blue and mustard remind him of the Boy Scout colors. Chris said it was like Chevy's Mexican Restaraunt. Everyone's a critic.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Special Prayer Request for Hallelujah

Hey guys, could you please pray for our little buddy, Hallelujah. Not only does he have a cool name but he is a cool kid. Last year, he went through a series of chemo and radiation treatment for cancer in his throat. A few weeks ago, when he went in for a check-up, the doctors found another mass in his throat and also in his lungs. The praise is that the mass in his throat was not malignant but the one in his lungs was. Please pray with us that our Good and Gracious God would bring healing to his body.

One of the blessings is that Hallelujah's dad, Yoshi works at the hospital. Hallelujah said that his dad would come and bring him a better lunch and Yoshi would eat Hallelujah's - that's the love of a good father.

Andersen Family Welcomes One More

More babies! Welcome Jennie Lucile Andersen! We are so excited you are here!Matt and Jess welcomed the arrival of their new baby girl, Jennie Lucile on Monday, August 25th at 6:12 PM. She was 20" long and a hearty "Calorie Chapel" weight of 8 lbs 9 oz.
Congratulations Matt & Jess! We love you guys and are excited for your new additional.
Please pray for the Andersen's as they continue to host a home bible study/ church plant in the New Jersey area.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Church Picnic

Okay, I know it's been like FOREVER since the blog was updated - forgive me - this thing is like doing the lawn - never seem to have enough time in the day.... but I am stoked to put some fun new pics because Allison is here with us and has been taking some awesome shots.

Here are some from our Church Picnic Day at the Park.  God blessed our day of fellowship BIG TIME and we enjoyed a wonderful day hanging out with the families of Calvary Okinawa.

We had a softball game and some of the families went swimming at the park pool and others enjoyed the day the Lord gave us in sweet fellowship.
Here the McCords are kicking back chatting with Dwight and Maggie.  Dwight is a Sergeant Major in the Marine Corps and Maggie just got a new job at the hospital working with military folks returning from deployment.  Both families have been a huge blessing to the fellowship.

The Newlons and Jodie Harmon hang out and enjoy getting to know each other.
Erin stopped by after her 40 mile bike ride!  Erin is a tri-athlete and bikes, swims and runs some serious mileage every week.  She and her family have been so awesome.  Erin gave her life to Jesus this past Easter and was baptized the following week.  She has continued to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  
Here some of the guys line up and get ready for the softball game.  Okay- why is Glenn raising his hand?  Take a moment and share with us your answer to that question - "Why is Glenn raising his hand?"  This should be fun.  Don't be too mean.
We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.  It was simply a great day in the Lord.
We are so blessed to live here on Okinawa and have such a awesome church family.   Plus - we're thinking of getting a church softball game going... we got some serious players here. :)