Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mike Silva visits!

Mike's so excited for the dessert potluck! It was great to see our brother, Mike Silva who almost one year ago was sent out to start a work in Iwakuni. Since then, God has done a neat work there and the bible study has grown into a church, which currently meets in their home. Mike shared that God has been faithful and he thanks everyone for their prayers. Please continue to pray for the Silva family. With Mike is our good brother in Christ, Joe. Joe's a Marine, can you tell?
He's a great Sunday school teacher, loves the Lord with all his heart. You can't help to get on fire hanging with Joe. He'll set you on fire. No more PT for Mike.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I didn't know Mike was in town! Wow! Well I hope it was blessed man... awesome praise that God is doing a work in Iwakuni through you! God is good!!!

- Trevor