Friday, May 16, 2008

100 Yen Sushi Go Round

Takako was craving sushi so Masaru took us to this famous 100 yen sushi place in Shibuya. It was jam packed with people but we waited for our turn and taste of the famous 100 yen fish.
Normally Masaru is a moderate kind of eater. Nothing too crazy, except when it comes to sushi. He can chow down on a serious note with the best of the heavies when it comes to sushi.
This is one of the funner experiences of dining in Japan. The plates go round and round and you take what you want and let pass by what you don't. The coolest thing is that Glenn actually was game! The bad thing was I put my camera away and didn't get any documented proof of his visit. Don't worry he didn't eat any real sushi- cooked maguro, egg, shrimp and a fruit juice... I think that was his selections.
The chefs in the middle were busy all night making the fine delicacies of raw fish and rice.
We had a blast. You had to eat at least 7 plates worth or they would chop off your finger. Well, okay, I don't know what they would do but Glenn did 7 plates. (Yoko had to "donate" one to him) He offered to repay the favor at "All You Can Eat BBQ" next time.

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